Thursday, July 18, 2013

My Only Wish (This Year) [Japan Promo]

"My Only Wish (This Year)" was recorded by Britney especially for the Christmas compilation "Platinum Christmas" in 2000. The Song was released as a promo single for the Japanese radio stations, in order to promote the release of the compilation. Only a few dozen copies of this promo CD were made by BMG Japan.

"(My Only Wish (This Year" זהו שיר שהוקלט ע"י בריטני במיוחד עבור אוסף שירי חג המולד "Platinum Christmas" בשנת 2000. השיר שוחרר כפרומו לתחנות הרדיו ביפן במטרה לקדם את שחרור האוסף. הסינגל הופץ ע"י BMG Japan בכמות של כמה עשרות עותקים בלבד.

Cat. Nunber: --
Release Date: November 2000
Made In: Japan
Label: JIVE \ BMG Japan
Package: Slim jewel-case
1. "My Only Wish (This Year)" 4:15


  1. i have this cd he is beautiful

  2. Hi, i look for that cover for years, can you please send me the front cover in hq, please?