Monday, January 10, 2011

That's Where You Take Me [Philippines Version]

Philippine edition of Britney's 7th song that was released as a single from her self-titled 3rd album. "That's Where You Take Me" was released only in the Philippines and was even accompanied by an official music video which was basically a montage of shoots from Britney's "Dream Within A Dream" tour. The physical single was produced exclusively by the official Philippine fan-club in a very limited amount of copies. CD includes the song "When I Found You", which was included as a bonus track only in a few versions of the album, and is enhanced with the music video. It also comes together with a bonus poster.

מהדורה פיליפינית של הסינגל לשיר השביעי ששוחרר מאלבומה השלישי של בריטני. That's Where You Take Me שוחרר בפיליפינים בלבד ואפילו לווה בקליפ אשר היה למעשה מונטאז' של צילומים מסיבוב ההופעות "Dream Within A Dream". הסינגל הפיזי הופק באופן מיוחד ובלעדי ע"י מועדון המעריצים הפיליפיני הרשמי במס' מוגבל מאוד של עותקים. הדיסק כולל את השיר When I Found You, אשר נכלל כשיר בונוס במהדורות מעטות של האלבום, ומכיל בנוסף את הקליפ לצפייה במחשב. כמו כן, הדיסק מגיע יחד עם פוסטר מתנה.

Bonus Poster:

Cat. Number: MUSH01833.2 (9252022)
Release Date: June 27, 2003
Made In: Phillippines
Label: JIVE
Package: Slim jewel-case
1. "That's Where You Take Me" 3:32
2. "When I Found You" 3:37

Enhanced Section:
- "That's Where You Take Me" Video

The official music video:
* uploaded by "BritneyZone Italia"


  1. Sorry for asking but this is the real one or is just a copy?

    How did u found this and how much it was?

  2. It's the real one, although many people think that this single has never been released and there's no real CD.

  3. Sorry to tell you but I know the person that made this fake CD. He made one for me also. That is not real!

  4. How did he make a fake copy for you? This is looks really neat.

  5. this is fake - sorry but i met this person - He is from Peru (My country) and he is my friend - i have the psd file from this y a created wiht him this fan made cd - i made unusual you fan made single

    1. Yes, I know exactly who that is. I purchased a copy from him for like $20 but ended up selling it. He also did the bootleg Unusual You single

  6. I just paid $1925.00 for one of these on eBay and its being shipped to me still. I don't know if its fake but when I receive it and the data side of the disc is blue then it is fake. I will say it is very well made if it is a fake and deserves some recognition for the flawless work the real maker or makers have achieved. Also if its fake it deserves a value to be placed on it because its going to keep selling. I have seen 2 more of these appear on eBay just after I paid for this one and they look very real as well.

  7. To the owner of this site, FANTASTIC work. Love it..!! LOVE BRITNEY..!!

  8. Hi, thanks! I still believe it's authentic because it looks too good to be a fake.
    I also saw more copies of it on eBay, from various sellers...

  9. I think it's a fake, but well done. A rare promo single would never come with a sticker and When I Found You is not a real unreleased track. Plus, the title in the cover is in a bad position (very close to the edge). To me, the 2003 date also makes it look fake. Theres no point in this cd being released in 2003 if the last single Boys was released in July 2002.

  10. Seriously "Fakefinder"? You paid $1,925 for this!? SERIOUSLY!!!!? You have cash to burn lol