Saturday, December 19, 2009

In The Zone [EU DVD+CD]

European 2CDs edition of Britney's DVD release for her 4th album "In The Zone". DVD includes Britney's promotional concerts on ABC & MTV's TRL, as well as music videos and an interview. The bonus CD includes 2 songs which were not included on the album & 2 remixes.

מהדורה אירופאית כפולה של ה-DVD עבור אלבומה הרביעי של בריטני, In The Zone. ה-DVD כולל את הופעות הקידום של בריטני ב-ABC ובתוכנית TRL של MTV, בנוסף לקליפים וראיון. דיסק הבונוס כולל 2 שירים שלא נכללו באלבום וכן 2 רמיקסים.

Bonus Poster:

Cat. Number: 82876 59958 9
Release Date: May 3, 2004
Made In: EU
Label: JIVE


1. "Gettin' In The Zone" ABC Special performances:
"Breathe On Me"
"Boys"/"I'm A Slave 4 U"
"(I Got That) Boom Boom" featuring The Ying Yang Twins
"...Baby One More Time"
"Me Against The Music"
2. "In The Personal Zone" Interview
3. MTV "Spankin' New Music Week" performances:
"Me Against The Music"
"(I Got That) Boom Boom" featuring The Ying Yang Twins
4. Music Videos:
"Me Against The Music" featuring Madonna
5. MTV Making The Video: "Toxic"
6. Photo Gallery

Bonus CD:

1. "I've Just Begun (Having My Fun)" 3:22
2. "Girls And Boys" 3:40
3. "Toxic" Lenny Bertoldo Radio Mix 3:32
4. "Me Against The Music" Bloodshy & Avant's Chix Mix ft. Penelope Magnet 5:16

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